UPDATE REGARDING COVID-19 - updated May 9, 2020

To all our current and future clients:

As we carefully monitor developments regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to update you about the actions we are taking.

We remain committed to the wellbeing of our community overall, our clients, our industry partners and our staff.

We are currently working and taking the following precautions:

• wearing masks and gloves at the job site
• practicing "social distancing" with everyone on the job site
• washing hands with soap & water or using hand sanitizer throughout the day
• sanitizing door knobs, elevator buttons, and work surfaces before and after on-site work
• request that any vendor working with us follow the same guidelines

We would love to connect with you via phone to chat about your upcoming moving and downsizing needs. We look forward to hearing your story, telling you more about what we do and coming up with a plan on how we can be of assistance once our world is somewhat back to normal.

With warm wishes for the safety and health of you and your loved ones,

Robin Christian, Owner


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